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Wakeboarding is a water sport which involves a special wakeboarding board and a rider holding the rope hitched to a boat, personal watercraft, jet ski, or winch. Wakeboarding was created from a combination of water skiing, surfing and snowboarding. It is an extreme sport which is very similar to kitesurfing. The difference is where we get the pull from.

Wakeboarding is great fun on the boat with your friends but also a very good workout to gain control of the board. Wakeboarding is very simmilar to kitesurfing in terms of controling the board so its make perfect traning for no wind days.

In our school we have specially prepared  boat for pulling wakeboarders and inflatable toys which are also fun.

Our training system is very progressive. We start with the theory on the beach, then we take off from the water on the short line and  safe speed. When student is making progress we longer the line and increase speed of the boat.