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Chcesz zostać instruktorem kitesurfingu? Zapraszamy na kurs asystenta instruktora oraz na kurs instruktorski IKO.


  • ukończone 16 lat dla Assistant Instructor Training Course (AITC)
  • ukończone 18 lat dla kursu instruktorskiego IKO ITC
  • umiejętności kitesurfingowe na poziomie IKO 4: jazda pod wiatr, zwroty, jazda switch, prosty skok, odzyskiwanie deski,
  • żeby zostać instruktorem IKO należy mieć ukończony kurs Assistance Instructor
  • posiadanie świadectwa o ukończeniu kursu pierwszej pomocy
  • znajomość języka angielskiego w mowie i piśmie (kurs odbywa się w języku angielskim)


Kurs Assistant Instructor Training Course IKO :  08.04.2021 – 12.04.2021 –  495 Euro  (equipment for the course INCLUDED)

Kurs instruktorski Instructor Training Course IKO:  12.04.2021 – 17.04.2021 – 890 Euro (equipment for the course INCLUDED)

Kurs Pierwsza Pomoc (Medical First Aid)- 80 Euro


Informacje oraz zapisy na info@skyhigh.pl lub tel. +48 608 599 399,

+39 342 359 4676


  • apartament 4-5 os w Villarios ( forma hostel) – 110 E/ os (5 dni)
  • apartament 2 os w Villarios ( każdy ma swoją sypialnie i łazienkę, wspólna kuchnia z salonem- 225 E/ os (5 dni)
  • polecamy również inne apartamenty na zapytanie info@skyhigh.pl


The Instructor Training Course (ITC) is based on IKO kiteboard teaching methods, which are recognized as the international standard in kiteboard teaching. The ITC runs for 5-days at an IKO affiliated Center and is taught by an Examiner. An Examiner is a professional  who is in charge of your training, evaluation and certification as a new Instructor. ITCs are held with a maximum of 8 candidates.
What will  you learn during an ITC? 
Your Examiner will expand and transform your theoretical knowledge and practice level and turn these skills sets into a mastery of abilities so that you can teach while transferring your love and passion of the sport to others.
Because students safety is our priority, the ITC is hosted at an IKO affiliated Center where your Examiner will train you interactively on all aspects of safety, practical environment, analysis, technique and teaching psychology. Also, live situation modules are held to prepare you for real teaching sessions.
Completion of the Instructor Training Course
If you successfully pass, your will be certified as an IKO Instructor level 1, and you will be able to run lessons fully and independently with two students and one kite at the same time.
In case all the ITC modules have not been completed, you may receive shadowing hours at the end of the ITC. This means that you will need to teach under the supervision of an Instructor level 2 or higher for a designated amount of time in order to complete your training and be validated as an Instructor. Shadowing is the best way to complete your training while earning teaching practice. To learn more check out our shadowing guide.
Worldwide qualifications and benefits
  • Teach up to two students with one kite at the same time,
  • Certify students with the IKO Member Card,
  • Access the online job list,
  • Post seeking employment ads to the online job list,
  • Work at IKO Affiliated Centers,
  • Receive customer feedback that results in an international instructor ranking,
  • Get the Instructor Level 2 certification fee waived,
  • Post personal profile information viewable on the general public website.
  • Be at least 18 years old,
  • Be a certified IKO Kiteboarder level 4 or equivalent level (jump and grab, ride toe side, ride upwind, recover the board in deep water, complete a rider recovery while body dragging, make a self-rescue in deep water, self-launch and self-land, which are all evaluated during the ITC). To make sure your riding skills can be evaluated during the ITC, you can bring a video of you demonstrating the requested skills. This is in case there is not enough wind during the course to perform the riding test.
  • Have a valid IKO Assistant Instructor certification,
  • Have a valid first aid and CPR,
  • Pass the Assistant exam online with a minimum score of 70%,
  • Be able to read, write and speak fluently the language the course is given,
  • Sign the ITC candidate waiver and participation form.