Our apartments offer in the village of Villarios.

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Castle Village

We have a large accommodation base in the southwest of Sardinia. Our bestseller is undoubtedly the Castello Villarios complex, where we offer several high-standard apartments with a beautiful view of Porto Botte Bay and a breathtaking pool at the top of the hill.

For those looking for more budget-friendly options, we also have private villas in Villarios, Porto Pino, and the nearby area of Porto Botte. In Porto Botte itself, we have 2 six-person apartments in Sardinian style right by the kite spot.

To make a reservation, please contact us:

+48 608 599 399 (polish)

+39 342 359 46 76 (italian)

How to get here

From Poland to Sardinia, you can fly by plane or drive by car. Airplane ticket prices to Cagliari, the nearest airport to us, outside of the high season are very good, starting from 60€ round trip per person, while during the high season (June-August), you can expect prices between 100-200€. A big advantage is the travel time – only 2 hours from Krakow to Cagliari. The only downside with Ryanair is the additional baggage fee, and here you need to be vigilant because the carrier rigorously checks the weight of luggage or sports quivers.

Traveling by car is much longer but still manageable. A big advantage of choosing this means of transportation is the significantly larger luggage capacity and having a car on-site. From the southern border of Poland to Livorno is about 1100 km, which means about 11 hours of travel. In Livorno, we board the evening ferry, usually departing around 10 PM, and by 7 AM, we are already in Olbia, in northern Sardinia. From Olbia, we have a 3-hour drive on a dual carriageway to Carbonia and the last 15 minutes to Porto Botte! Alternatively, you can choose a ferry connection from Genoa or other port cities in Italy.

Direct flights

Krakow – Cagliari (Ryanair)

Poznan – Cagliari (Ryanair)

Warsaw Chopin – Olbia (Wizz Air)

Connecting flights

Warsaw to Milan/Bergamo (Wizz Air) –
from Milan/Bergamo to Cagliari (Ryanair and Meridiana)

Warsaw to Rome/Fiumicino (Alitalia and Wizz Air) –
from Rome/Fiumicino to Cagliari (Alitalia)

Wroclaw to Milan/Bergamo (Ryanair and Wizz Air) –
from Milan/Bergamo to Cagliari (Ryanair)

Gdansk to Milan/Bergamo (Wizz Air and Ryanair) –
from Milan/Bergamo to Cagliari (Ryanair)

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By car

From mainland Italy to Sardinia, you can travel by ferry from cities like Livorno, Genoa, and other port cities in Italy.

Livorno – Olbia (6-9 hours)
Genoa – Olbia (6-9 hours)

Civitavecchia – Olbia
Civitavecchia – Cagliari

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To get from Cagliari Airport to Porto Botte, you can either use our transfers or take the train at the airport, which goes to Carbonia Serbariu.

The train to Carbonia takes 50 minutes and costs 4.80€. Sometimes the train requires a change at Villamasargia, but don’t worry, the platform is small and easy to find. You can check the schedule on the website under Aeroporto Elmas – Carbonia Serbariu. In Carbonia, you can take a taxi to Porto Botte or use our transfer service.


To enhance your arrival, we offer convenient transfers from airports and ferries, ensuring a comfortable start to your surfing adventure from the very beginning. By using our transportation services, you’ll combine the exceptional experience of surfing with stress-free travel in one of the most beautiful corners of the Mediterranean Sea.

Cagliari Airport - Accommodation

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Cagliari Airport - Accommodation - Cagliari Airport

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St. Antioco - Porto Botte

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Porto Pino - Porto Botte

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Villarios - Porto Botte

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Carbonia - Porto Botte/Villarios

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Transfer of quiver only, in case we have other passengers during the same transfer: €20 one way, €30 round trip.
If there are no other passengers during that time, the transfer of the quiver is charged at the regular transfer price.

Car rental

Feel free to rent a car on-site without a credit card and unnecessary stress. We offer budget-friendly cars like the Fiat Panda, as well as higher-standard vehicles. Drop us a line at to check the availability of our cars and the prices we offer.

If you prefer to rent a car at the airport, we recommend using the search engine. Simply enter the airport from which you want to pick up the car.

Do you have any questions?

Feel free to contact us, and we’ll answer all your inquiries and assist you in organizing your arrival as best as possible.