About us

A base full of positive energy, 400 meters from the spot.

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Our base

Skyhigh Porto Botte

We warmly welcome you to our base in Porto Botte, Sardinia, where you’ll find everything you need to have a fantastic holiday not only on the water but also after your sessions. Our goal was to create a place where you’ll feel like in your own surfer’s home, where you’ll meet friends and make new acquaintances. Relaxing in our chillout zone, you can share your water adventures and listen to others, exchange experiences about favorite sports.

The base features Wi-Fi, a mini gym, kiterooming, a trampoline, a mini ramp, Indo Board, showers, equipment rinsing area, storage, and much more. The base is located 400 meters from the kitesurfing spot where we provide training and 40 meters from the water and windsurfing spot.

Team SkyHigh

Marta Hlavaty-Orłowska

The head of all heads and the head of windsurfing training in our school is Marta Hlavaty-Orłowska, a three-time World Champion in Formula Windsurfing, multiple medalist in the European and Polish Championships, and former representative of Poland in the Olympic RS:X class. Marta has been windsurfing since childhood, starting at the SKŻ sports club in Sopot. In 2008, she won her first World Championship title and held onto the position for the next 2 years. Since 2010, she has been running a water sports school in Sardinia with her husband. In addition to windsurfing, Marta also practices kitesurfing, surfing, and wingfoiling. Privately, she is the wife of Orzeł and mother of twins Jan and Krzysiek.

Karol “Orel” Orłowski

A passionate enthusiast of water and winter sports, Orzeł is a former freestyle skier and wakeboarder. He is an instructor of kitesurfing, windsurfing, wingfoiling, skiing, and snowboarding. Orzeł strives to be on the water or snow „on something” every day, setting an example that passion can be combined with work. Privately, he is Marta’s husband, father of twins Jan and Krzysiek, and loves playing musical instruments such as guitar, bass, and drums.

SkyHigh TV

Check out our videos and get charged with positive vibes before coming to SkyHigh base in Sardinia.