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Kitesurfing in Porto Botte, Sardinia

Kitesurfing is one of the easiest and also the most beautiful water sports. To ride we use kite which is  pulling us like a sail and board on which we are standing. To learn kitesurfing  you need about 10-15 h lesson. Our professional instructors IKO  will guide you through the classes in a safe, enjoyable and progressive way. First, you learn to control the kite and generate power, then you try to put the board on and you’ll attempt first starts. When you master the starts we move on to a controlled riding with the wind, and then upwind.

szkolenie kite                   szkolenie kite 3

When you master these elements  you will be a real kitesurfer!!! And then you will discover huge opportunities offered by the sport like:  freestyle elements, riding switch, jumps or riding a waves on directional board.

zuza backroll          wave

We use only the latest  kite equipment of North Kiteboarding,  RRD and Ozone. Boards are the world famous Polish brand Nobile. Harnesses we use are from Mystic.

Spot where we train – Porto Botte has a shallow blue water with sandy bottom and sandy beach. Wind direction is usually side-on shore, which is perfect for learning and advance kiting. With the thermals and the  V-effect, our spot Porto Botte provides daily good wind conditions for kitesurfing. Statistics says that in our spot 70% of days in the month are windy.

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